Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Edreih Aldana. I am a web designer and developer who also runs a technology blog. I am an upcoming graduate at the University of Houston where I am majoring in Computer Information Systems.

My goal in life is to never stop learning. I believe in the power of education and that it can transform lives. I strive to constantly keep learning new things with an open mind. I really enjoy sharing what I have learned which is why I also run a blog and create YouTube videos in my spare time.

Although I have many interests, some of my favorite things to do include gaming, tinkering with gadgets (Raspberry Pi), and listening to podcasts. I also enjoy meeting people with similar interests and having in-depth conversations about such interests.

My Skills

P.S. not an exhaustive list 🙂


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I am currently seeking new opportunities and clients.

  • HTML/CSS 100%

  • WordPress 90%

  • Graphic Design 95%

  • JavaScript 80%

  • Cooking 10%